BRITA On Tap Water Filter System
BRITA On Tap Head Cutout

Power up your tap and enjoy purer water on demand.

Discover BRITA On Tap

Discover purer water on demand – Discover BRITA On Tap.

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On Tap Water Filter System

On Tap Water Filter System



隨時即濾即飲的淨水。全天候 24 / 7。

BRITA On Tap 水龍頭產品硬照。

On Tap Water Filter HF cartridge

On Tap Water Filter HF cartridge

On Tap 花灑式水龍頭

Power up your tap and enjoy purer water on demand

  • Easy installation onto your existing kitchen tap
  • Digital display shows remaining filter capacity
  • Practical shower function for washing food and vegetables
BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器的安裝方式。

How to install BRITA On Tap Water Filter

  • Easy installation without tools
  • Fits most common standards taps – 5 different adapters included
  • 7.2 x 14 x 13.8 cm (W x H x D)
  • More information? Check out our user manual (downloads)
BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器的濾水功能。

Water functions of BRITA On Tap Water Filter

Choose the water function you need:

  • stream of filtered water for drinking
  • unfiltered stream
  • unfiltered shower function – perfect for washing vegetables

easy switching with practical lever

Separate outlet for filtered water – removable and easy to clean

No hassle: easy cartridge exchange


On Tap 說明手冊 (PDF, 3.017 MB)
BRITA On Tap 水龍頭產品圖片。

BRITA On Tap Water Filter HF – HF for Hollow Fibre

  • A hollow fibre membrane works similar to a sieve and reduces small particles
  • Designed to filter cold water – separate water outlet in system for unfiltered hot or cold water
  • Capacity up to 600 litres of filtered water
  • Cartridge fits into BRITA On Tap Water Filter System
更換 BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器的方式。

Filter exchange

  • Open the housing by rotating the cap.
  • Remove the old filter cartridge.
  • Insert the new filter cartridge.
  • Close the system by rotating the cap until it locks.
查看 BRITA On Tap 龍頭式濾水器內部。

Combining low-maintenance with powerful filtration

Powerful filtration thanks to hollow fibre membrane, granulated activated carbon and ion exchange fibre
The system reduces – as far as contained in tap water:

  • chlorine and other taste and odour impairing substances
  • metals (such as lead)
  • particles >0.5 µm (such as micro plastics)
  • 99.99% of bacteria
  • pesticides and herbicides
  • hormones and pharmaceutical residues

Preserves minerals such as calcium and magnesium

Why BRITA On Tap Water Filter System?

Unlimited supply

Drink refreshing water on demand. All day, every day.


Benefit from budget-friendly advantages. And save money.

Ideal for cooking

Perfectly suited for cooking healthy food.


An ecological and convenient alternative to bottled water.

Great tasting water

Turns tap water into great tasting, freshly filtered BRITA water.

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